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Plush Toys

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Soft & Cutesy Plush Toys For Every Age

Get amazed by our extensive world of plush toys that anyone will refuse to let go of after holding and hugging! At Funky Monkey, we have a fantastic variety of plush toys that are highly convenient for kids and adults to store and carry anywhere. Made of durable and safe fabric stuffed with cotton, our plush collectables will be loved by little ones for their perfect cushioning and comfort.


Inspired by cute cartoon characters, anime, animals, pop culture, and mythical characters like Unicorn, you can have our plush and soft toys for many purposes! Want something charming and lovable as home decor, kids’ toys, gifts, bed or sofa cushions, or car accessories? Our soft plush toys are the best pick ever and can serve any of your requirements. Dive into our collection of plushies to buy cuddling companions, cute presents, fandom elements, or nostalgic keepsakes.

Diversify Your Plush Toy Collectables

We understand that soft cuddle toys have a significant charm on kids and people of any age and need them as a staple comforting element in their homes or personal space. Are you someone willing to add to your plush collectables or your kid’s collections of toys? Take a look at what Funky Monkey has in store for you!


Our tender plush figures are a fascinating blend of cuteness and unique craftsmanship. From endearing and huggable animals to favourite characters of the Anime series, we have a wide range of adorable plushies for everyone. Each of our fluffy products is more than just a toy! They are charming tangible items you can hold, hug, or snuggle in your bed for warmth. Many small cuddly toys at our store are perfect as decoration pieces best to put in sofas, desks, and cozy corner racks for a delightful display.


With our lightweight and portable plush toys, bring fun to your relaxation time, teach your kids the joy of hugging, or keep your most loved Anime character as decor.

Buy Premium Quality Plush Toys In Australia

At Funky Monkey, shop from Australia’s remarkable collection of high-quality plush toys. Made with safe fabric and stuffed with cotton or fibre filling, they are incredibly soft and soothing on the skin. Not only kids, but our soft toys are addictive to adults and elderly people for the cuddly comfort they provide.


We use premium-quality fabric and excellent conjugate filling fibre to offer good resiliency to the soft toys. We also have tempting plush collections where you get a pack of small squishy toys together to keep as cuddly companions on your bed or sofa.


Delight your toddler with a super soft, lightweight, easy-to-carry plush toy with angelic features, making their free time much more exciting. Crafted with quality and non-toxic materials, every plush figure you get at our shop symbolises fineness and softness.

Pick Our Plush Toys As Perfect Gifting Items!

Whether you want to give a gift to your kid, a friend, or someone special, you will find something out of our spellbinding range of plush toys in Australia! From celestial-themed mushy cats and animals to mystical characters and spongy innocent figures inspired by pop culture, we have a lot of plushies to gift on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries.


Gifting these tender, cuddly buddies to little ones or a particular person will give them endless hours of cosy relaxation and fun-filled moments. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the fabulous collection of plushies at Funky Monkey, pick a toy that serves your purpose of gifting a loved one, and let them have extra warmth and comfort at their side.


With fast delivery service, we ensure that your desired plush toy reaches you in no time!

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